PowerShell – Cleaning up old files with Compress-Archive & organizing by date

Windows Management Framework 5.0 introduces a few new Commandlets, notibly Compress-Archive which makes creating a .ZIP from within PowerShell extremely easy.  Below is a small project I worked on this week to clean up an FTP server used by automated processes.

This script grabs all files older than 24 hours, moves them into a folder by day, zips that folder, then deletes the folder.  Included error handling will capture the error and send via SMTP.

Any reccomendations/comments welcomed!

# This script requires WMF version >= 5.0 -  Download WMF 5.1 from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=54616
# The directory that has the files desired to be imported MUST HAVE TRAILING "\"
$path = "C:\FolderPath\"
# Optional filter to only touch files with specified extension 
$mask = "*.csv" 
$ZipFileName= "CompressedBackup.zip"
#Filter to only touch files older than specified hours
$hours = 24
# Begin SMTP Server information 
$SMTPPassword = "PlainText SMTP Password"
$SMTPUser = "SMTP Authentication user, will also be SMTP From: address"
$SMTPServer = "my.smtpserver.com"
$SMTPTo = '[email protected]'
$SMTPSubjectFail = "ZIP Folder script failed to run"
$secpasswd = ConvertTo-SecureString $SMTPPassword -AsPlainText -Force
$mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($SMTPUser, $secpasswd)
# End SMTP Configuration
$problem = $false
$date = (Get-Date).tostring("yyyyMMdd")
#Pre setting error message to no issue, will change later in the script
$errorMessage="no issue"


try {
    # Get all items from specified path, recursing into directories but not returning directories themselves. Excluding files with modificiation dates less than $hours
    $files = Get-ChildItem $path -Recurse -Include $mask | where {($_.LastWriteTime -lt (Get-Date).AddHours(-$hours)) -and ($_.psIsContainer -eq $false)} 
    foreach ($file in $files) {
        $Directory = $path + $file.LastWriteTime.Date.ToString('yyyyMMdd')
        if (!(Test-Path $Directory)) {
	        New-Item $directory -type directory
	    Move-Item $file.fullname $Directory
    $folders = Get-ChildItem $path -Directory  | % { $_.FullName }
    foreach ($folder in $folders) {
        $zipname = $folder + $ZipFileName
        if (!(test-path $zipname)){
        compress-archive -LiteralPath $folder -DestinationPath $zipname
        if (test-path $zipname){
        remove-item -Recurse $folder 
        else {
        Write-host $zipname + "Did not create, so I'm not deleting" + $folder
catch {
    $problem = $true
    $errormessage = $_.Exception.Message
finally {
    if ($problem){
        Write-Host $errorMessage
        Send-MailMessage  -SmtpServer  $SMTPServer -UseSsl -From $SMTPUser -To $SMTPTo -Subject $SMTPSubjectFail  -Body $ErrorMessage -Credential $mycreds  
    else {
        Write-Host "Script ran sucessfully"
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